Traditional Open Bronze Railtek™ Belt Casual

Railtek Belts

 ❱ Width: 1-1/3" - (35mm)
❱ One Size: 18" Up to 50" Waist
❱ Trim for the Perfect Fit  


Price: $34.95

Simple, Bold, Comfortable, and Sleek.  Our Open Buckle will leave you feeling and looking like the classiest guy on the scene. This belt will help influence your wardrobe and add the finishing touch you need for your look.  The open buckle, ratchet belt not only slides on smoothly, but adjusts to any waist size.  This classic look is timeless and works for any look... business casual or formal.  You can wear this slider open buckle at the golf course or just around the house.  There's nothing dull polished or just another satin finished metal about this belt.

Our click belt is built to last and has the warranty and reviews to back it up.  Your comfort and fashion is our mission.  Belts from Railtek are meant to last for years and are easy to use.  Order today and experience not only a belt without holes, but a whole new belt experience.  The Prestige at Railtek Belts is a must try... your wardrobe will thank you later.

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