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Carbon Railtek™ Belt

Dark Brown
Light Brown
Mocha Brown
Brown - Premium Top Grain
Grey - Premium Top Grain
Light Grey - Contrast Stitch
Tan - Contrast Stitch
Burgundy - Contrast Stitch
Dark Brown - Contrast Stitch
Wilderness Green - Contrast Stitch
Matte Light Brown- Contrast Stitch
Matte Mocha Brown - Contrast Stitch
Yellow - Contrast Stitch
Red - Contrast Stitch
Royal Blue - Canvas
Dark Grey - Canvas
Black - Canvas
Dark Green - Canvas
Light Grey - Canvas
Black - Contrast Stitch
Dark Grey
Royal Blue - Contrast Stitch
Cream - Canvas
Light Green - Contrast Stitch
Black - Nylon
Dark Grey - Nylon
Dark Brown - Nylon
Cream - Nylon
Light Brown - Tanned
Dark Brown - Tanned
Black - Polyester
Light Grey - Polyester
Tan - Polyester
Black - Premium Top Grain


[short_description] ❱ Width: 1-1/3" - (35mm)
❱ One Size: 18" Up to 50" Waist
❱ Trim for the Perfect Fit  



Sophistication, Respect, and Commanding!  Our Carbon belt completes any look in a suit.  The polished black and shiny metal highlight any assemble you put together for the office or meeting.  This black belt is a classic look and one of our more popular belts because of the simple and clean design.  As with all of our belts, the leather belt fits around any waist and can go as small or as large as needed... 50" to be exact.  The Professional at Railtek belts is the ideal pairing with any business look.  

Quick note, Railtek belts are built to last for a very long time.  The Professional will look professional for event and any occasion.  The belt is resistant to fraying so you won't lose the color and the belt buckle is built to withstand almost anything you can throw at it... we wouldn't recommend rocks though, that would just be silly.

The Prestige at Railtek Belts is the go-to ratchet belt for any occasion.  Order your belt today!


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