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Classic Bar Railtek™ Belt

Mocha Brown
Light Brown
Dark Brown
Black - Contrast Stitch
Dark Grey
Light Grey - Canvas
Burgundy - Contrast Stitch
Dark Brown - Contrast Stitch
Wilderness Green - Contrast Stitch
Light Grey - Contrast Stitch
Light Green - Contrast Stitch
Matte - Light Brown - Contrast Stitch
Matte - Mocha Brown - Contrast Stitch
Royal Blue - Contrast Stitch
Red - Contrast Stitch
Tan - Contrast Stitch
Yellow - Contrast Stitch
Black - Canvas
Cream - Canvas
Dark Green - Canvas
Dark Grey - Canvas
Royal Blue - Canvas
Black - Nylon
Dark Grey - Nylon
Dark Brown - Nylon
Cream - Nylon
Grey - Premium Top Grain
Brown - Premium Top Grain
Light Brown - Tanned
Dark Brown - Tanned
Black - Polyester
Light Grey - Polyester
Tan - Polyester
Black - Premium Top Grain


[short_description] ❱ Width: 1-1/3" - (35mm)
❱ One Size: 18" Up to 50" Waist
❱ Trim for the Perfect Fit


The original Railtek Belt. This beauty is what ratchet belts dream they looked like. The Classic belt was inspired for anyone and was specifically made to go with any outfit or look. We love the simple design and adjustable theme that this belt can work with. We have always said that the perfect matching belt is our daily mission. Belts with personality and style that fit your look every single time.

This original design was created because we wanted a look that went with nearly every color of outfit and a belt that could adjust with every part of your life. Ratchet belts by Railtek are created with both look and functionality. We know your weight is adjustable by small increments, so why not have a click belt to match. Each latch is 1/4 inch a part, which means that you can change the tightness on a regular basis.

The Classic at Railtek Belts is the perfect ratchet belt for your life. Order yours today.


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