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About Railtek Belts

The Story Behind The Belts

Railtek is a unique concept to a traditional everyday fashion item. Out with the old and in with the new. This new style of belt with a simple ratchet system allows for you to make the perfect adjustment throughout the day and over months of time. We fell in love with the concept and set out to provide the best quality belt and an affordable everyday price! HERE’S WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO:

Have you ever felt like you needed to adjust your belt, but the jump to the next hole was too far?? What did you do… probably grabbed a knife and started cutting another hole right? Those days are over. With the micro adjustable automatic ratchet belts you just adjust to every ¼ inch and get the perfect fit every time.

Our owner fell in love with this concept because his waist has always been changing. From season to season and from meal to meal. Your waist is always changing, now you have an option for a belt to change with you.

Give our belts a try, we know you will love them. We have raving fans email and contact us every day! You are next, get yours Today


Colton G.
Owner & Belt Fanatic

Railtek Belts LLC

Meet Our Super Team

Here is who makes it all happen!

Owner/Belt Fanatic

Soon to be Dad! Enjoys anything to do with being outdoors. Sports, camping, boating, you name it. always tries to make anything and everything fun.



Soon to be Mom! She's got an eye for what looks good. She keeps our products looking fresh. She bring creativity and fun to our team.


Marketing/Social Media

He's the go getter on the team. Once he has his mind set, it's GO TIME! Without Justin this Team would not be where it is now.



This is the guy that brings our team to life. He's got the skills to peel the deals. He keeps us laughing and having a good time all the time.