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Belt It With Railtek

April 12, 2017 4 min read

As a mother of three boys who are thin enough to have to belt skinny jeans, I have often wished that those adjustable elastic waistband pants continued on into adult sizes. I suppose by junior high it might be a little weird to ask your friend to help you loop the elastic button hole around the button sewn into the waistband of your pants as you try to cinch them up. But I would have been willing to risk that humiliation (the boy’s of course, not mine).

Sadly, my boys will have to wait until their seventies to find socially acceptable elastic pants again. In the meantime, we are constantly buying belts. If you have sons, you will know that growth spurts are real. There is no such thing as gradually easing out of one size and into another. One day pants touch their ankles, the next day they are capris. It literally happens overnight.

As a result, I have bought countless belts. I have purchased the smallest adult size belt and had to punch holes in it to fit. I have tried the largest child size belt and had to punch holes in it to fit. I’ve bought cheap belts that wear out before my child grows out of them. I’ve bought expensive belts that are supposed to last, but inevitably the growth spurt happens.

So when I heard about Railtek’s adjustable belts I was more than intrigued. I heard the words adjustable, custom fit, no holes and thought, “I’ve gotta check out this belt.”

When I got the belt, I immediately put it on and realized that I probably should have figured out how it all worked (especially how to take it off) first, but you know how it is with new shiny things. I couldn’t help myself.

I felt around the buckle for a second trying to find a latch or some way to release the belt. You see, when I put the belt on I thought the whole tightening rail system was so cool and it made this neat noise so I just kept tightening until I pretty much couldn’t breathe. Luckily it took about two seconds before I felt the release button on the side of the buckle. I lifted it and was able to release the belt.

After I was free and could breathe again, I took the time to notice that the belt came with an instruction card (duh). It is a totally user friendly belt (even for impulsive people like me that fail to read the directions first). And for those who are unwilling to read altogether, they include a simple and easy to follow “how to” video here.

Railtek’s belts are made of good quality leather and come in three colors with four buckle options. I love the fact that you can customize the fit. It’s so easy to lift the lever that attaches the buckle and then cut the leather to your desired size. Here’s another quick tutorial on how to custom fit your belt.

The other bonus is that the adjustable track is fairly long so you really have a lot of size fluctuation. When you find yourself out to dinner and eating way beyond the full and uncomfortable stage (you know the stage that requires unbuttoning the top button of your pants) you don’t have to unbuckle the belt. Just slide it a bit to loosen it. Then, when you stand up to leave the table and have inevitably forgotten that you had unbuttoned your pants, they won’t fall off because your belt, though looser, is still buckled.

Are you sending a child to college? Consider the Railtek belt. It can easily adjust to handle the freshman fifteen and then will tighten right up over the summer when your child is back home eating mom’s healthier cooking again.

Though I tend to steer away from mentioning religious affiliations on the blog, should you be a mother of a missionary, the adjustable belt is perfect. Waists fluctuate dramatically on missions and having a belt that will grow and shrink with you is a wonderful thing. Railtek is hosting “Missionary May.” For the entire month of May you can order a belt for your missionary, you can have the belt sent directly to them and shipping is free (within the United States). Or if you live in the United States, they will ship it to you for free and you can include the belt in a care package. Just use the coupon code MISHMAY.

Father’s Day is also right around the corner and these ratchet belts would make the perfect gift! Rex wore the belt all day yesterday and loved the custom fit. I am planning to get him the other two colors. (Shhh don’t tell.)

Even though I don’t mind a bulkier buckle and would buy one for myself, I hope they come out with a slightly thinner belt with a smaller buckle (hint, hint) so that my boys can wear them with some of their trousers that have smaller belt loops and also so that women can enjoy this amazing technology as well.

The BEST PART of this belt for me, is the price. After reading about it and trying it out for myself, I was really worried that it would be a ridiculously overpriced product. I was thrilled to discover that they are available for just under $30.00. I have paid more than that for a piece of garbage belt that lasted a summer.

I encourage you all to check them out. I am sold! I am picking up one in each color and because the adjustable track is so long, all three of my boys can share them right now. At least until the next growth spurt…

Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson

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