Micro-Adjustable Ratchet Belts For Dad
14 Jun

Micro-Adjustable Ratchet Belts For Dad

"My husband recently received a Railtek belt in the mail and he loves it. The thing that is different about these belts, is that they don’t have any holes, so you don’t have to worry about the belt being too small or too big.They have a technology where the back slides into a notch on the back, allowing for micro-adjustability. When you get the belt you also cut the leather belt to fit your size.

My hubby said about the ratchet belt, “I like how there are notches on the back of the belt because it makes for more of a custom fit. It’s never too tight or too loose. It is a very comfortable belt and I also like how I can put it on fast.”

I think these belts would be a great Father’s Day gift, and/or an awesome belt for missionaries! Some missionaries tend to gain or lose weight on their mission, and with this belt, the won’t have to worry about the belt not fitting anymore!"

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