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Father's Day

May 17, 2017 2 min read

For Father’s day, don’t think too much. Dads and men in general love the conventional gift, like a ratchet belt. Nothing too special, something that makes our lives a little bit easier.

Reason 1:


Sounds funny, but it’s true. We love what we love and there ain’t no changing it. I love black socks, if I have to wear white ones for some reason; it drives me crazy all day. We can eat a nice juicy burger every day and not think twice about it. Why do you think one part of the couch looks used 10 times more than any other part, it’s our favorite spot! We love our routines, it’s what we know. It’s comfortable.

Reason 2:


“Did you just make eye contact with my wife?? You better back off dude!” It’s true, we do that, but it’s a guy thing. Same thing when it comes to our style. I love my classic blue tie for church or my leather brown slide belt that I think goes with everything, but my wife disagrees! No big deal, we latch onto things.

Reason 3:


Have you ever noticed in the home buying shows that the guy never wants to leave his house, but the wife can’t wait to upgrade or move somewhere new? Watch a few, you’ll see real quickly. Men love their baggy basketball shorts or old ragged sweats he got his freshman year in high school. Don’t even think about taking my awesome pillow I’ve had for 15 years that is now definitely more yellow than white. It’s about comfort. Don’t mess with it! This Father’s day, stay basic. Don’t think you’ll disappoint. It might take him a second to love the new item, but if it’s conventional (tie, belt, socks, shorts, etc…) he’ll love it. Need help on buying a belt this year. Check out our ratchet belts for one awesome new style belt. It’s a ratchet belt that gives your husband, dad, father, friend a perfect fit paired with awesome style. Makes for the perfect Father’s day gift and keeps it simple just like us dudes like it! Curtis
Railtek Belts | Owner
Curtis Johnson
Curtis Johnson

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