Revolutionary Railtek Belts! No-Hole Design For Every Man
03 Oct

Revolutionary Railtek Belts! No-Hole Design For Every Man

"Comfort, style, versatility and affordability. These are all things that men want and need in their wardrobes and accessories. Railtek Belts has taken the ingenuity of the ratchet belt and brought it to a whole new level.

The ratchet belt does away with holes punched an inch apart, and replaces it with a fully adjustable row of teeth that allow the measurements to adjust every 1/4 of an inch. The sleek, no-hole design gives the belt a clean look, complemented by the micro-adjusting buckle, which comes in several handsome styles. Better yet, the belt can be trimmed to size, so there won’t be a long overhang, indicative of belts that are too big. These belts are the perfect gift for men and teen boys that live for function, but could use some style!

I, Jeni, was given the Brushed Steel in Dark Brown to review. The first thing that really struck me was the amazing design. The polished professional look led me to do a double take – I thought there was no way a belt this nice could sell for only $29.95, but I checked it out to be sure, and that’s the price! The sturdy leather proves the belt is also well made, and durable but soft. It’s not always easy to find great quality so readily available at an awesome price! In fact, Railtek prices are the cheapest on the market for this ingenious accessory!

My boyfriend is loving this belt! He’s more of a t-shirt and cargo shorts kind of guy, but loves to get dressed up, too. This belt looks GREAT with his shorts, jeans OR nicer slacks. It’s a really versatile belt, because not only does it flatter a casual outfit, it can add some pop and flair to a little more dressy attire. He was really impressed and surprised, and absolutely loves the sleek look of the belt. He looks stylish no matter what he wears now, and I don’t have to be embarrassed by his old everyday, beaten up belt anymore! 

One of the coolest things about this belt is that they aren’t sold in sizes. Because you customize the size yourself, (which is ridiculously easy to do), it can fit a teenaged boy, or up to a 50″ waist. This sure makes for easy gift giving, because you don’t need to ask for the person’s waist size. Customizing is simple: Open the clamp, cut the belt to size and close the clamp. It’s really that easy!

These awesome belts come in 4 styles: Classic Bar, Zinc, Brushed Steel, and Carbon. Each has a timeless yet innovative and sleek look to them. Some styles even come in white, light brown or dark brown. These ratchet belts really do pack a punch and offer some amazing style. The innovative ratchet design helps you create the perfect sized belt for your body, and keeps it looking sleek and brand new all the time. I will definitely be grabbing a few more of these belts this holiday season!"

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