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Blue Line American Flag Railtek™ Belt Country

Tanned Dark Brown
Tanned Light Brown
Burgundy - Contrast Stitch
Light Grey - Contrast Stitch
Tan - Contrast Stitch
Brown - Premium Top Grain
Grey - Premium Top Grain
Dark Brown - Contrast Stitch
Matte Mocha Brown - Contrast Stitch
Matte Light Brown - Contrast Stitch
Red - Contrast Stitch
Yellow - Contrast Stitch
Wilderness Green - Contrast Stitch
Royal Blue - Contrast Stitch
Light Green - Contrast Stitch
Dark Grey
Black - Contrast Stitch
Nylon - Black
Nylon - Dark Brown
Nylon - Dark Gray
Nylon - Cream
Black - Polyester
Light Grey - Polyester
Tan - Polyester
Black - Premium Top Grain


[short_description] ❱ Width: 1-1/3" - (35mm)
❱ One Size: 18" Up to 50" Waist
❱ Trim for the Perfect Fit  


Feeling Patriotic? This is the belt for you! Filled with the American Dream this belt is a great addition to anyones wardrobe. Engraved with the American Flag on the face of a Prestige Black Buckle, it makes any outfit look better. Being the newest member to the Railtek family this Belt is going FAST!

Our click belts have received great praise from our customers and you'll know why. Your belt will slide on easily and adjust to any size you need. Your new belt from Railtek will out last your expectations.

The Blue Line American Flag Belt at Railtek is a must have for your look. Get a belt, that matches your personality. Grab your ratchet belt today


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