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Railtek™ Leather Straps Only

Dark Brown
Light Brown
Dark Grey
Tan Leather
Black - Contrast Stitch
Light Grey - Contrast Stitch
Wilderness Green - Contrast Stitch
Light Green- Contrast Stitch
Red - Contrast Stitch
Royal Blue - Contrast Stitch
Yellow - Contrast Stitch
Burgundy - Contrast Stitch
Dark Brown - Contrast Stitch
Tan - Contrast Stitch
Matte Light Brown - Contrast Stitch
Matte Mocha - Contrast Stitch
Tanned Leather - Dark Brown
Tanned Leather - Light Brown
Black - Canvas
Cream - Canvas
Royal Blue - Canvas
Dark Green - Canvas
Light Grey -Canvas
Dark Grey - Canvas
Cream - Nylon
Black - Nylon
Dark Grey - Nylon
Dark Brown - Nylon
Light Brown - Suede - Top Grain Leather
Dark Grey - Suede - Top Grain Leather
Black - Suede - Top Grain Leather
Black - Polyester
Light Grey - Polyester
Tan - Polyester


❱ Width: 1-1/3" - (35mm)

❱ Fits an 18" to 50" Waist

❱ Trim to YOUR Perfect Fit

❱ ALL Straps Fit ALL Buckles.  Interchange any Strap with Any Buckle. 

 Already Have one of our Buckles?  Get an updated or new color strap.  Each Strap is fits up to a 50" waist and will fit ANY Railtek Buckle.  Our Belts are interchangeable so you can buy one buckle and 5 leather straps or 5 buckles and one strap.  It's your belt, do whatever makes you feel like a man!

Easily Customizable: Railtek Belts are a canvas for your creativity. Easily customize your belt to match your individual style, mood, or outfit. Express yourself by mixing and matching different belt straps and buckles to create a look that's uniquely yours. The simplicity of customization puts the power of personal expression right at your fingertips.

Choose Between Different Belts and Buckles: With Railtek, variety is key. Choose from a diverse range of belt styles and buckle designs, allowing you to tailor your accessory to suit any occasion. Whether you prefer a classic leather belt for a formal setting or a casual fabric belt for a relaxed vibe, Railtek ensures you have the perfect combination to complement your outfit.

Easy to Put On: No more struggling with complicated buckles or wrestling with your belt. Railtek Belts are designed for effortless wear. The user-friendly mechanism ensures that putting on your belt is a breeze, making it a hassle-free experience every time. Whether you're in a rush or taking your time to perfect your look, Railtek Belts streamline the process.